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Medical Oncology Center

Providing the best treatment for each patient

Recently, medical care is rapidly shifting to “precision medicine,” which analyzes and treats individual patients’ genetic factors. The Medical Oncology Center at Seoul National University Cancer Hospital is leading the paradigm of cancer treatment through precision medicine and tailored anticancer therapy by using genomes based on accumulated clinical/research results.

Minimizing waiting time through efficient use of day admission ward and short-term bed

With the outpatient office of Medical Oncology Center, the anti-cancer day admission ward, and the short-term beds at the cancer hospital working together efficiently, our center strives to minimize patients’ waiting time and provide patients with necessary treatment on time without hospitalization. 

Leading role in global clinical trials

We are taking a leading role in the development of new anticancer drugs and targeted therapies by leading multinational clinical trials. We are also involved in the development of anticancer drugs in and outside of Korea, continuously publishing research in international academic journals and conferences.  

Presenting evidence-based standard chemotherapy guidelines

We not only achieve scientific research results on anticancer drugs but also develop evidence-based guidelines for chemotherapy. We also strive to provide the most effective and comfortable treatment methods for patients by combining primary chemotherapy and the best possible adjuvant therapy.

Leading personalized chemotherapy through active intermediary research 

In addition to the development of new anticancer drugs, we are leading personalized therapy by selecting patients who can reap the most benefits from new drugs and providing each patient with the most effective therapy.

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