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Operating Theater

The Surgical Department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities where surgical professionals with reliable skills work together as a team to ensure patient safety and maximally achieve the purpose of surgery, ultimately contributing to the recovery of the patient’s health and improvement of their quality of life. We are working hard to deliver the best results through multidisciplinary cooperation and participation to realize the hospital’s vision and core values.

Our department is equipped with 31 operating rooms, including a robotic operating room . We perform more than 30,000 surgeries that require a high level of technique such as major surgery, organ transplantation, and emergency surgery.

We also strive to provide patients with optimal medical services by realizing patient-centered knowledge and values with excellent skills and the honest art of medicine.

In terms of education, we are becoming a global leader in the field of advanced medical education by offering education on cutting-edge surgeries and operating room systems for medical and nursing school students and trainees from hospitals in and outside of Korea. Based on our rich traditions and experience that have been passed down over decades, we are enhancing our core competencies, creating new knowledge, and foster next-generation growth engines through international training and continuous education on the latest surgical knowledge.

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