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Cancer Edu-Info Center

The Cancer Edu-Info Center at Seoul National University Cancer Hospital provides customized information and education for cancer patients and their loved ones. Our goal is to help patients and loved ones along their cancer journey.

Mission1. To Provide Evidence-Based Cancer Information & Education

Mission2. To Be a Trustworthy Partner during Your Journey of Cancer

Patient and Caregiver Customized Information and Educational Services

Patient-focused Cancer information Contents

The Cancer Edu-Info Center provides evidence-based information from clinical experts at SNUH. The Center also meets the needs of patients with cancer for Total Care by collaborating with other healthcare professionals at SNUH including each medical department, nursing, clinical nutrition, social work team, and palliative care team. SNUH clinical experts participate in researching, developing, and designing cancer information contents.

Cancer Information 

The diagnosis of cancer provokes many concerns for patients. The Cancer Edu-Info Center prepares reliable information ranging from definitions, causes, and symptoms to diagnosis, examination, treatment, progress, and complications regarding common cancers, including childhood, adult, orphan(rare), and metastatic cancers. You will also be able to find information regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer including long-term cancer survivorship care and palliative care.

Multimedia Contents

The Cancer Edu-Info Center provides various multimedia resources on treatment specific to each type of cancer, diagnostic examinations. Contents in English are also available.

Integrated Educational Programs

The Cancer Edu-Info Center at the SNU Cancer Hospital manages diverse educational programs for cancer patients and loved ones to help adjust to the process of cancer treatment and improve their quality of life. 

Educational Programs

Participatory Educational Programs


Art Therapy

Dance Therapy

Music Therapy

Exercise and Stretching


Laughter Therapy

Hula Dance

Mind Healing Series

Horticulture Therapy

Lecture-oriented Educational Programs

Healthy Diet following Cancer Treatment

Seasonal Anti-cancer Diet

Social Welfare Information

Communication Skills for Cancer Patients and loved ones

Beyond Thyroid Cancer: Understanding Surgery and Treatment

Prevention of Shoulder and Arm Problems in Patients with Cancer

Skin Care following Cancer Treatment

Long-term Health Management for Cancer Survivors

Hair Care following Chemotherapy: Wigs and Hats

Cancer Pain Management

Chemotherapy induced Symptoms Management

Cancer Survivor-led Programs

Conversation with Cancer Survivors

Voice Rehabilitation for Laryngeal Cancer Patients

1:1 Mentoring program

To participate in Educational Programs

▶All educational programs are free of charge.

▶The participatory educational programs may have limited space and may provide priority to cancer patients. 

▶Paid parking is available. The Center does not validate parking.

▶The program schedule may be subject to change.

Please check monthly program schedule for more information (also available on the website)

Trustworthy Partner

Cancer Survivor-led programs

The Cancer Edu-Info Center aims to be a trustworthy partner of patients with cancer and loved ones along their cancer journey. The experience of cancer at SNU Cancer Hospital is not only limited to cancer treatment, but also includes helping patients and loved ones to overcome and survive cancer and improve their quality of life. At the Cancer Edu-Info Center, cancer survivors volunteer to empower cancer patients through one-on-one counseling and sharing their unique cancer experience. 

▶ Cancer Survivor-led Volunteer Activities for Patients 

• Assisting the administration of the Center 

• Visiting patients and loved ones to advise and guide them at the following locations: Short-term Ward, Oncology Daycare Center, Outpatient Injections & Treatment, and the Cancer Edu-Info Center

• Introducing the activities of Korea Venus and providing information regarding the Rest House of Korea Venus

Cancer Prevention Campaign

The best method of cancer treatment is cancer prevention. Proper cancer prevention practices reduce the probability of cancer. 

The most important and easiest ways to prevent cancer are to take balanced meals, exercise regularly, and to maintain a healthy body weight, while refraining from tobacco and alcohol.

▶Cancer Prevention 335 Walkathon with Peer Patients

Walking with peer patients allows you to exercise and relax in nature. It is also a great opportunity to inform and promote the importance of exercise in cancer prevention. 

▶Health Lectures and Exercise Programs for SNUH employees

This program helps hospital employees better understand the importance of cancer prevention. Here at the Center, we believe promoting employees’ health will improve the quality of care for our patients. 

 Cancer Prevention 335 Campaign

Music Scenery

The Cancer Edu-Info Center at the SNU Cancer Hospital, with the help of culture volunteers, holds concerts twice a month in the hospital lobby. The aim of these concerts is to provide cancer patients with psychological support by not only relieving the stress caused by various cancer treatments, but also boosting the process of cancer treatment.

The concerts of SNU Cancer Hospital, known as "Music Scenery," provide patients/loved ones and hospital employees the opportunity to forge strong bonds with one another. 

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