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Outpatient Guide Map

Children Hospital Outpatient Guide Map

3F Pediatrics Hemato-Oncology | Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Pediatric and Adolescent Cardiac Center Outpatient Clinic Pediatric and Adolescent Cardiovascular Laboratories Laboratory for Respiratory Function and Allergy IV Admixture Room | Pediatric Hearing aid Center Connecting Path(Main Building 3F) View 3F Map
2F Pediatric Operation Room Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center for Children | Day Surgery Unit Pediatric Clinical Trial Center | Electro-physiology Laboratory Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Pediatric Emergency Intensive Care Unit Kidney Disease Center for Children and Adolescents. Dialysis View 2F Map
1F Pediatrics | Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery | Rare Disease Center Pediatric Clinical Neuroscience Center | Pediatric Plastic Surgery Pediatric Dermatology | Pediatric Surgery Pediatric Urology | Pediatric Ophthalmology Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology-Cochlear Implantation Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatry | Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology Pediatric Angiography Room | Pediatric Blood Collection (Laboratory) Pediatric Outpatient Pharmacy | Nutrition Consultation Room Injections &Treatment Room | Hearing Test Room Psychological Assessment for Child &Adolescent Education Room for Pediatric Diabetes Medical Records/Image Processing Center Registration. Reservation Payment | Admission &Discharge Medical Certificates | Nursing Room | Convenience Store | Bakery View 1F Map
B1F Pediatric Emergency Center | Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Pediatric Laboratory Medicine Pediatric admixture room | Auditorium 1:2 Dreamseed Center | Daehan Center Connecting Path Annex Building Connecting Path View B1 Map

It is convenient to use connecting path at B1
Connecting paths :
Main building 2F ↔ Cancer Hospital 2F,
Main Building 3F ↔ Children's Hospital 3F,
Main building 3F ↔ Biomedical Research Institue 3F

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