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Inpatient Services

Admission Procedure

At SNUH in order to be admitted you have to pay a deposit fee. The deposit fee is an estimate of your treatment. Each patient's hospital charges are individual. The actual charges could be more or less at the completion of the patient‘s treatment.

Request for admission > Wait at home for the call > Come to the hospital on admission date > Check in at IHC to write admission forms > Admission

During Your Stay

Your Room

All patient rooms at SNUH are designed for your comfort. While we cannot guarantee the availability of
a particular room on the day of your admission, we will work to honor your request and ensure that
you are accommodated in the area most appropriate for your health care needs. Please tell us about your
inpatient room type - private, semi-private or shared room.

Food at the Hospital

We provide Korean, Western, Halal Meals for the patient.

Internet Access

Free Wifi (snuhguest) enabled areas throughout the hospital : Inpatient public areas , Outpatient waiting areas, Main cafeteria


TV channel : We provide TV channels in various languages

Convenient Facilities More

Visiting Hours

General Patients’ room / Psychiatric Ward
General Patients’ room / Psychiatric Ward(General patients’ room, Psychiatric Open Ward, Psychiatric Ward(Adult, Pediatric))
General patients’ room Psychiatric
Open Ward
Psychiatric Ward
Adult Pediatric
Weekdays : 17:00 ~ 20:00 Weekdays : 16:00 ~ 21:00 09:00 ~ 20:00 Weekdays : 13:00 ~ 19:00
Weekends &
10:00 ~ 12:00 Saturday : 13:00 ~ 21:00 Saturday : 10:00 ~ 19:00
17:00 ~ 20:00 Holidays : 09:00 ~ 21:00 Holidays : 10:00 ~ 19:00
Intensive Care Unit(ICU)
Intensive Care UnitInternal Medicine Intensive Care Unit, Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Cardiopulmonary Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
Intensive Care Unit
Internal Medicine
Intensive Care Unit
Surgical Intensive
Care Unit
Intensive Care Unit
Pediatric Intensive
Care Unit
Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit
10:00 ~ 10:30 10:30 ~ 11:00 10:00 ~ 10:30 10:00 ~ 10:30 13:00 ~ 13:30
19:00 ~ 19:30 20:00 ~ 20:30 19:00 ~ 19:30 20:00 ~ 20:30 19:00 ~ 19:30

Discharge Procedure

Patients must be confirmed by an SNUH physician in order to be discharged from the hospital.

We will explain and help you with your discharge process including medication, your next plans, payment and etc. When you need a receipt in English, please tell the IHC staff and we will prepare it for you.

Discharge order > Complete payment at 2nd floor > Home


  • Plastic water cup and water bottle
  • Plastic slippers (for the Bathroom)
  • Shower Kit consisting of toothbrush and toothpaste, disposable tissues, bath towels and other sundries for personal grooming
  • Please note that all of these products can be purchased from Hospital Services for a small fee or
    are available at the basement market below the Children's Hospital or at the supermarket
    in the main building lobby.

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