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Outpatient Guide Map

Cancer Hospital Outpatient Guide Map

3F Injection-Treatments | Oncology Day-care center I admixture room | T Caffe View 3F Map
2F Gastric Cancer Center | Lung Cancer Center Esophageal Cancer Center Center for Hematologic Oncology-Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Center Cancer Clinical Trials Center Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center Bronchoscopy Center Connecting path to Main Building(2F) View 2F Map
1F Information | First-time Visitors Information Center SNURDH Counselling Room for Personalized Cancer Medicine | Cancer Edu-Info Center Medical Oncology Center Cancer Diagnosis Center Center for Palliative Care &Clinical Ethics Cancer Diagnosis Blood Collection(Laboratory) Department of patient affairs Cancer Hospital Pharmacy | Counselling Center Procedure Room | Convenience Store Exit(Toward Main Building) View1F Map
B1F Liver Cancer Center Thyroid-Oral Cavity. Head and Neck Center Musculoskeletal Tumor Center Brain Tumor Center | Colorectal Cancer Center Gynecologic Cancer Center | Urology Cancer Center Cancer Health Promotion Center Integrated Cancer Care Center Rehabilitation Unit | Spine Tumor Center Pancreatic and Biliary Cancer Center Skin Cancer Chemotherapy Skin Care Center Referral Center | Auditorium | Education Room Chaplaincy (Catholic) Connecting path to Daehan Center(B1) View B1 Map
B2F Information | Cancer Imaging Center Cancer Imaging Center: Nuclear Medicine Division Eyeone Optic Store | Medical Device/Wig shop Aromatico | Exit(Toward Changgyeonggung Palace) View B2 Map

It is convenient to use connecting path at B1
Connecting paths :
Main building 2F ↔ Cancer Hospital 2F,
Main Building 3F ↔ Children's Hospital 3F,
Main building 3F ↔ Biomedical Research Institue 3F

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