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Outpatient Guide Map

Annex Building Outpatient Guide Map

3F Thyroid Center
Center For Biological Therapy
Referral Center
3F View 3F Map
2F Wing Building Ward(Annex Ward) 2F View 2F Map
1F Motion Analysis Laboratory / Foot Kinetic Measurement 1F View 1F Map
B1F MRI | Blood Collection(Laboratory) Connecting Path( Children's Hospital/ Daehan Center/ Main Building / Cancer Hospital) B1F View B1F Map
B2F Family Medicine Center for Health Promotion and Optimal Aging Exit(Toward Daehak-ro. Hyehwa Station) B2F View B2F Map

It is convenient to use connecting path at B1
Connecting paths :
Main building 2F ↔ Cancer Hospital 2F,
Main Building 3F ↔ Children's Hospital 3F,
Main building 3F ↔ Biomedical Research Institue 3F

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