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Billing and Insurance

For Insurance holders

We have direct billing contract with ...

AETNA international

Tricare (Prime/Select)

CELTA Assistance

CIGNA International

Cigna international


Daman (Inpatient only)

United Healthcare International

Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP)

FSBP (Foreign Service Benefit Plan)

Metlife CHINA




United Healthcare Global (UHG)


* However, National Health Insurance holders are excluded.

If you are not insured by above…

Don’t worry, we have third party companies that handle direct billing for you.
Let your insurance company contact the following third party company.

AETNA international

International SOS

CELTA Assistance

GAP (Global Assistance Partners)

Cigna international

Prestige International

Daman (Inpatient only)

Celta Assistance

Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP)

HSC (Houghton Street Consulting)

Metlife CHINA

Euro-Center Thailand

If you are a member of US military

We have contract with Tricare.

Please note for Tricare Prime patients, you can’t use Tricare if you have Other Health Insurance (OHI).

You need an authorization sent to us by International SOS to be insured. If we don’t get an authorization you have to pay for yourself and get a reimbursement.

For Embassy patients

We have direct billing contract with (In alphabetical order)

Embassy-Bangladesh Embassy, England Embassy(Healix : Family Medicine Only), United Arab Emirates Embassy, Malaysia Embassy, Oman Embassy, Qatar Embassy, Saudi Arabian Embassy, Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, Senegal Embassy

For Government organizations

We have direct billing contract with

Billing Process for insurance holders

1. Request an appointment via homapage online registration or call us at +82-2-2072-0505 > 2. Send a copy of your insurance card front/back to us. > 3. We get your Guarantee of Payment from your insurance. It takes 5 to 10 days to obtain GOP from insurance company.  > 4-1.Yes : Pay your deductible / Co-Pay / Co-Insurance > 5. We claim once a month not every visit, 4-2.No : Pay for yourself and reimburse it back from your insurance

If your insurance company doesn’t pay us , We will contact you for outstanding payment.

For foreign patients with Korean National Health Insurance (NHI)

- The clients covered by the Korean National Health Insurance Program (NHI) should bring a referral from
a local doctor, or else they will have to meet the Family Medicine Doctor first as per the NHI guidelines state.

- If you are a global insurance holder and also have Korean National Health Insurance, ONLY Korean National Health Insurance is applied here.

Payment method

You can pay with cash or credit card in Korean won.


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