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Skin Cancer/ Chemotherapy Skin Care Center

In the Skin Cancer/Chemotherapy Skin Care Center at the Seoul National University Cancer Hospital,

We strive to deliver the best treatment results to patients with skin cancer or precancerous skin lesion through interdisciplinary consultations with medical teams with extensive clinical experience and professional knowledge and skills from the Department of Dermatology, the Division of Hematology/Oncology, the Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the Department of Radiation Oncology, and the Department of Pathology. We also provide medical care for patients with cancer who develop skin lesions during treatment.

We aim for accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment personalized for each patient.

Since the accurate clinical diagnosis by an experienced dermatologist is essential in the diagnosis of skin cancer, tests are performed by medical professionals with sufficient clinical experience and professional knowledge. Skin biopsy is performed as a confirmation test in which small skin tissue samples between 2 to 4 mm in diameter are collected for microscopic observation. For accuracy, systematic and professional diagnoses are made by dermatologists and pathologists for accuracy and following treatments are determined based on the diagnosis in the Skin Cancer Center. 

We perform surgical treatments on patients diagnosed with skin cancer to deliver the best treatment results, which include Mohs micrographic surgery performed on skin cancer in which the lesion is functionally and cosmetically important to maximize the cosmetic and therapeutic results. Other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are provided according to the patient condition. 

We are specialized in multidisciplinary care with the best medical professionals.

We are focusing our clinical and research capabilities on new multidisciplinary care for patients with malignant melanoma in which early diagnosis and treatment are the most important factors. We perform skin biopsy to diagnose the condition and tests on various organs to confirm metastasis and make excellent treatment results by applying multidisciplinary approaches such as surgical removal, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. 

Follow-up medical care after treatment ends

At the Skin Cancer Center, you can see your doctor for regular checkups after treatment ends. In other words, you’ll receive regular checkups from your surgeon if you had a surgery or from the doctor who was in charge of your treatment if you had a non-surgical treatment. The interval between the checkups may vary, depending on the type and condition of diseases. You may visit the hospital following your doctor's instructions. If a relapse is suspected during follow-ups, skin biopsy can be performed again.

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