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Cancer Health Promotion Center

Comprehensive Healthcare Customized for Patients

- Healthcare customized for cancer survivors: Checkup for secondary cancers that are common in cancer survivors (new cancer development that is not the cancer that the patient suffered earlier, e.g., colon cancer development after recovering from breast cancer) 

- Management of chronic conditions other than cancer: Management of chronic conditions that affect cancer treatment and prognosis, such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and osteoporosis 

-Lifestyle improvement program: Management of lifestyles such as smoking, drinking, exercise and nutrition 

- Vaccination for cancer survivors: Flu (influenza), pneumonia (pneumococcus), shingles vaccination, etc.

- Cancer prevention program for families of cancer survivors: Customized checkup and cancer prevention counseling that considers common risk factors and have adverse health effects on families of cancer survivors

Collaborative Care between Oncologists and Supportive Care Specialists

- Oncologists request cooperation for continuous health checkups and comprehensive management after treatment. 

- After the patient’s individual evaluation, necessary examinations and health care plans are established. 

- Medical professionals at Seoul National University Hospital are requested for collaborative care for patients who need medical care from other specialized departments such as symptom management, rehabilitation treatment, and mental health management.

- If a problem related to cancer is found, then oncologists are immediately referred.  

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