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Cancer Diagnosis Laboratory Center

Ideals of the Diagnostic Oncology Center 

We perform the latest tests in an accurate and prompt manner for medical care.

The Cancer Diagnosis Laboratory Center uses a convenient, fast, and cutting-edge laboratory to contribute to the patient-centered, personalized medical care, the ideal that is pursued at the Seoul National University Cancer Hospital.

For routine tests, we have established a convenient system where patients get their blood collected without waiting and about 200 tests are conducted within 2 hours. For special tests, all clinically important tumor marker tests are performed within 2 hours, and about 60 tumor molecular genetic tests (gene tests) are also conducted. Going forward, we will improve the medical care for tumor patients by quickly applying the new testings to our diagnostic system in the future.

We develop new tumor markers and apply them to medical care and support research at the cancer hospital.

To this end, we conduct research on the development of gene and biomarkers using cancer genome analysis, related gene identification, and proteomics, as well as the development of new tumor diagnostic technologies that use next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry. We also participate in the Human Resource Bank project, conduct analytical tests related to clinical trials, and conduct research consultations with clinical departments to support research in cancer hospitals.

We reinforce education, promotion, and consultation.

We have established an integrated telephone and mail system to reinforce the consultation and cooperative medical care system with each clinical department.

Through this system, we receive request for new tests and attend to consultation on the use and improvement of tests. We are responsible for the promotion and education of the general and expert publicity and provide this by updating the website and developing a mobile application. We aim to explain the meaning of tests by creating a FAQ page, especially for tests that patients often ask about, and promote new tumor markers and gene tests. We provide medical staff, students, and researchers with education on tumor-specific diagnostic systems, test items, and test techniques.

Medical care flowchart of the Center

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