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Breast Care Center

The World-class Breast Cancer Surgery and Patient-friendly, Patient-customized Care System

The Breast Center at Seoul National University Hospital has been striving to become the best center of its kind in the world since its opening in 2004. As a result, our center not only lead the field of breast cancer treatment in Korea, but also provides high-quality care comparable to that of the world’s leading medical institutions. With more than 2,000 breast surgeries per year, we are reaching our two goals, “treatment of breast cancer” and “aesthetic satisfaction,” at the same time through satisfactory reconstructive surgeries and working closely with the Plastic Surgery Department. We are leading the way in patient-customized medical care in which a treatment strategy is set for each patient based on the genetically analyzed characteristics of their breast cancer.

Center Covering from Integrated Medical Care and Counseling and Education on Diseases

- Integrated medical care through collaboration between 8 departments, convenient system

- Various education programs

A variety of treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy, is essential for breast cancer along with diagnosis and surgery. The biggest advantage of the Seoul National University Hospital Breast Center is that patients can receive medical care from a variety of excellent departments that include the Oncology Department, the Radiology Department, and the Radiation Oncology Department, as well as the Surgery Department. Patients can receive the care they need without leaving the center since most departments are located inside. Our center provides the integrated medical care that patients with breast cancer need, such as rehabilitation after the initial treatment, medical care for long-term survivors, and mental support, holds an education program on breast cancer for breast cancer patients once a week, and offers independent education sessions on management and exercise after breast cancer surgery. Our counseling nurses specializing in breast cancer are responsible for providing consultation throughout the entire treatment and surgery/treatment process.

World-class Research-centered Hospital and Standardized Advanced Treatment

In addition to medical care, our center continues to work on research, academic conferences, and exchanges with outstanding hospitals in the world. We participate in various research and global clinical studies to provide various treatment options for patients with progressive cancer. At our center, we strive to make sure that our research can contribute to patient care and realize personalized treatment by immediately learning the latest research from all over the world.

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