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  • Can I get an overall medical check-up?

    Yes, we operate specialized and systematic health care programs.
    You can choose one of the packaged programs depending on your age and condition through the Health Promotion Center.

  • Can I get a medical check-up for my employment?
    Yes, you can receive a medical check-up through the Dept. of Family Medicine. If you have a form from your company, please tell us when you make an appointment. Fasting for more than 8 hours prior to your testing is required for some procedures.
  • Can I receive an STD screening here?
    Of course. You can make an appointment with us. STD screening differs from person to person depending on whether you have any symptoms or whether you had contact with a high risk group.
  • How can I get travel medicines and vaccinations?
    You need to make an appointment and tell us where you will go, how long you will stay there, and which vaccination you have already had. Depending on the place and the duration, a doctor will prescribe travel medicines or vaccinations.

    - However, yellow fever or cholera vaccinations are available on Monday, Thursday at the Incheon Airport Quarantine office(Tel. 032-740-2703).
    Just for yellow fever, you can get it at the National Medical Center(Tel. 02-2262-4833).
  • Should I update my information to the hospital?
    Yes, please let us know your changed information.
  • How can I refill my prescription?

    To refill your prescription, you need to see a doctor.
    Please let us know the name of your medicine first.
    After checking the medicine, we will make an appointment for you.

  • Do the doctors speak English?
    Yes. Most of them speak English. Also, our IHC staff will help you when needed.
  • Can I use my private insurance program here?
    Yes. Clients with private or international medical insurance can make appointments with the specialist directly.
  • If I have Korean National Health Insurance, what percent of my treatment is covered by NHI?
    Outpatient: 50% covered / Inpatient:80% covered It depends on the items.
    But some items are not covered by NHI, therefore the patient has to pay 100% for them. (e.g. Doctor's consultation fee, Ultrasound, vaccinations - request furtherinformation)
  • Can I use Korean National Health Insurance here?
    Yes. But the clients covered by the Korean National Health Insurance Program (NHI) will meet the Family Medicine Doctor first as per NHI guidelines states.

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