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Visa Examinations

Physical examination results for U.S. immigration (permanent residence) are only valid for applicants who has an interview at the U.S. Embassy in Korea.

Please call 02-2072-4918 (+82-2-2072-4918 from outside of Korea) to make an appointment for U.S. immigration exam.

U.S. immigration physical examination candidates (where to apply, materials needed, time, fasting, eye examination, chest X-ray, 2 - 14 years old)
Where to apply International Medical Center, Main Building 2F, Seoul National University Hospital
Please bring the following things

1. Valid passport(Original)

2. ID Photos

  • K-visa, for submission to U.S. military units, and others that are not identifiable via e-Medical: 5 passport or half-business-card-sized photos (same size and identical photos taken within 6 months)
  • e Medical applicants: 1 photo (regardless of size, taken within 6 months)
    * To find out if you are an e-Medical applicant, please inquire with Case Number, DS 260 number

3. Vaccination record(including a baby care notebook)

  • The immunization record must be a certified document bearing the doctor's name, doctor's signature/license number or hospital name, and hospital seal. Since we do not enter the records that you did not bring with you at the time of visit, please be sure to bring all your vaccination documents. (If vaccination is needed, it will be prescribed by the doctor on the day of the examination.)

4. Reservation confirmation or instruction packet letter received from call center, NVC, or the U.S. embassy

5. DS 260 Confirmation page
※If you can't present all the required forms, you cannot get the physical health checkup.

※Please note that if you arrive later than your scheduled time, you cannot get the physical examination on the same day.

※Please come 30mins earlier than your appointment time to get the picture taken, and fill out the forms.

※Please bring all of vaccination record and if you have any questions about vaccinations, please inquire doctor about that on the consultation date.

Please be sure to click the “Download required materials” button below to check for required materials. Review the five items in the list, mark a check if you’ve prepared them, and then show this checklist (completed) to the staff at the time of your visit.

Download required materials
Items to be
filled in the

1. Type of visa in progress (category)

2. Case number

3. City where you were born

  • Indicate the city listed in DS 260, not the city listed in the resident registration.

4. Name of all the countries you have lived for more than 6 months in your lifetime (including the United States)

5. Current address (including ZIP code)

6. Intended address in the U.S. (including ZIP code)

7. E-mail address used in the visa application

All the content should be identical to those listed in the DS 260 form you submitted.

Click the “Download Registration Application” button at the bottom and fill out the registration application. Be sure to print it out after filling it out.

If you didn’t fill it out, you can do it at the hospital, please note that if you do not have the necessary details for all the items listed above, it may be difficult to finish the examination.

Download Registration Application

Mon - Fri (It takes 2 - 3 hours)

※ Please call 02-2072-4918 (+82-2-2072-4918 from outside of Korea) to get more information on the examination schedules

Fasting Not necessary.
Eye examination If you wear glasses or (contact) lens, please wear or bring them with you.
Chest X-ray Examiners who has had tuberculosis in the past or who has traces of tuberculosis on their chest X-ray may bring medical findings or medical records for reference, but still needs to take a chest X-ray at our hospital. Also, depending on the X-ray result, if sputum test is required, you have to come by the hospital for 3 consecutive days and the result will be out in approximately 9 additional weeks .

IGRA blood test

  • Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Mon - Fri)
  • Checkup on the day before a public holiday is not possible.

A minor should be accompanied by their guardian and may need an X-ray test, depending the tuberculin test result.

Examination Information and price

Test and cost by age (age, consultation details, cost, outcome)
Age Examination details cost Results

45 years of age

and older

Basic exam(body measurement, blood pressure, eye sight), consultation , and Chest X-ray

280,000 Won

In 5 - 9 days

25 ~ 44 years of age

Basic exam(body measurement, blood pressure, eye sight), consultation, Chest X-ray, and Screening for Syphilis

290,000 won

In 5 - 9 days

18 ~ 24 years of age

Basic exam(body measurement, blood pressure, eye sight), consultation, Chest X-ray, and Screening for Syphilis & Gonorrhea

400,000 won

In 5 - 9 days

15 ~ 17 years of age

Basic exam(body measurement, blood pressure, eye sight), consultation, and Chest X-ray

280,000 won

In 5 - 9 days

2 ~ 14 years of age

Basic exam(body measurement, blood pressure, eye sight), consultation, and Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA)

310,000 won

In 5 - 9 days

0 ~ 1 year of age

Basic exam(height, weight), consultation

200,000 won

On the same day

- Effective from 10.31.2021

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