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Overseas Travel Clinic Expanded to Enhances Convenience for Koreans and Overseas Koreans

Hit : 1,817 Date : 2022-08-24

- International Healthcare Center expanded target patients for overseas travel clinics from February 2022


[Photo] Seoul National University Hospital International Healthcare Center where overseas travel clinic is operated

    Seoul National University Hospital International Healthcare Center announced on the 3rd of March that it will expand the number of patients who can be treated at the 'overseas travel clinic'. This opened a way for not only foreigners, but also Koreans and overseas citizens to conveniently use medical services such as vaccinations and health counselling necessary for studying abroad, business trips, and training.

    The Overseas Travel Clinic was opened in 2019 to provide services necessary for overseas travel, study abroad, business trips, and training. Previously, only foreign nationals could use this clinic.

    However, as the need to expand and operate the clinic grew, the International Healthcare Center decided to include both domestic and overseas citizens. This is because the global epidemic of COVID-19 has made entry and departure procedures complicated and created inconveniences such limited use of local medical services.

    For example, recently, submission of a COVID-19 test result or vaccination certificate is becoming mandatory prior to entering and leaving the country. In addition, placebo passengers with underlying medical conditions are required to determine whether they are ‘Fit to Fly’ and fill out a medical information form (MEDIF).

    Overseas travel clinics provide appropriate medical services according to various procedures and patient needs. Representatively, ▲physical examination and vaccination ▲issuance of documents for submission ▲remote medical consultation.

    Customized support for physical examination and vaccination is available depending on the country people are travelling to and the purpose of their visit. Patients can receive necessary tests and inoculations at the International Healthcare Center and the laboratory at Seoul National University Hospital. Patients also can consult with medical staff based on the results of tests.

    Documents for submission can also be conveniently issued at the clinic. This is because the English certificate preparation service is provided for submissions to foreign institutions such as international schools and multinational companies.

    In addition, even if you live abroad, you can receive customized treatment through remote consultation. It is expected to help patients who have difficulty accessing local medical services.

    Furthermore, all treatment at the clinic is provided as a one-stop service that supports treatment, prescription, and storage at once. By doing so, it is planned to improve the convenience of not only foreigners who were previously subject to treatment, but also Korean and overseas patients who use the clinic for the first time.

    Professor Lim Juwon of the International Healthcare Center said, “It is difficult to travel between countries due to COVID-19, and it is difficult to receive medical treatment through local medical institutions. Therefore, the expansion of the overseas travel clinic is meaningful because more people can access convenient medical services.”

    Currently, the overseas travel clinic is operated every Friday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. Reservations can be made by email ( or by phone (02-2072-0505).

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