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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The Department of Plastic Surgery improves the shape and function of the human body from head to toe, and is divided into reconstruction surgery and cosmetic surgery. Through cosmetic surgery such as double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, facial skeletal surgery, wrinkle removal surgery, liposuction, breast plastic surgery, and scar revision surgery, you can have a more beautiful face and body. In addition, through reconstruction surgery after burns and its sequelae, various injuries to the face and hand, congenital anomalies, and tumor removals, deformities are mitigated and functional defects are also recovered.


Major Target Diseases and Research Fields

- Breast reconstruction and plastic surgery: cosmetic surgery such as breast reconstruction and breast augmentation using autologous tissue and implants

- Congenital anomalies: Congenital anomalies of the maxillofacial face such as cleft lip, cleft palate, and craniosynostosis, and congenital hand and limb anomalies

- Craniofacial cases: double jaw surgery, facial contouring surgery, facial reconstruction

- Facial nerve paralysis: reconstruction of congenital and traumatic facial nerve paralysis

- Lower limbs: Reconstruction of lower limbs from diseases such as diabetic feet

- Malignant and benign tumors: skin tumors, lipomas, neurofibromas, hemangiomas, etc.

- Beauty: eyelid surgery, nose surgery, facelift, abdominal plastic surgery, liposuction, Botox, filler, etc.

- Scar: Steroid injection and scar revision surgery

- Others: burns, bedsores, lymphedema, etc.

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