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Lee, Sang Kun



Epilepsy , convulsion , Loss of consciousness


Education / Career

Education / Career
Article Extent of neocortical resection and surgical outcome of epilepsy: intracranial EEG analysis
Announcements Epilepsia Date of publication 2010.06
Co-researcher Kim DW, Kim HK, Lee SK, Chu K, Chung CK
Education / Career
Article Localization and propagation analysis of ictal source rhythm by electrocorticography.
Announcements Neuroimage Date of publication 2010.10
Co-researcher Kim JS, Im CH, Jung YJ, Kim EY, Lee SK, Chung CK.
Education / Career
Article Neuropathologic and clinical features of human medial temporal lobe epilepsy
Announcements J Clin Neurol Date of publication 2010.06
Co-researcher Bae EK, Jung KH, Chu K, Lee ST, Kim JH, Park KI, Kim M, Chung CK, Lee SK, Roh JK
Education / Career
Article Assessment of language dominance by event-related oscillatory changes in an auditory language task: magnetoencephalography study.
Announcements J Clin Neurophysiol Date of publication 2010.08
Co-researcher Lee SY, Kim JS, Chung CK, Lee SK, Kim WS
Education / Career
Article Role of cortical dysplasia in epileptogenesis following prolonged febrile seizure
Announcements Epilepsia. Date of publication 2010.09
Co-researcher Park KI, Chu K, Jung KH, Kim JH, Kang KM, Lee ST, Park HK, Kim M, Lee SK, Roh JK
Education / Career
Article Longitudinal change in outcome of frontal lobe epilepsy surgery.
Announcements Neurosurgery. Date of publication 2010.11
Co-researcher Kim CH, Chung CK, Lee SK
Education / Career
Article Marital status of people with epilepsy in Korea
Announcements Seizure Date of publication 2010.11
Co-researcher Kim MK, Kwon OY, Cho YW, Kim Y, Kim SE, Kim HW, Lee SK, Jung KY, Lee IK

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