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Transplantation and Vascular Surgery

Our division consists of Transplantation Surgery performing kidney/pancreas transplantation and Vascular Surgery treating peripheral vascular diseases.

Since the first successful renal transplantation in 1969, overall 2,800 cases were performed until 2019 and about 150-200 cases are performed every year. We provide multidisciplinary care for transplant recipients from the formation of dialysis access to kidney/pancreas transplant surgery and immunosuppression control as well as long term care to improve graft survival.

The Division of Vascular Surgery provides comprehensive patient care for peripheral vascular diseases. Including risk reduction, medication, endovascular, open surgical and hybrid procedures.

Vascular surgeons treat various diseases of the blood vessels, including arterial (aneurysms, arterial occlusion and vasculitis), venous (deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins and portal vein occlusion) and lymphatic (lymphedema, chylous ascites) diseases, vascular malformations, vascular trauma, vascular access and oncovascular diseases.

Multidisciplinary team approach, noninvasive vascular lab, one-stop service for vascular access, and day surgery for varicose veins improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. 

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