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Radiation Oncology

Department of Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy is a crucial component of cancer treatment modalities. Radiation therapy uses high energy radiation to kill cancer cells. Cancer is the main indication of radiotherapy, although some benign conditions are treated with radiation. The Department of Radiation Oncology provides comprehensive radiotherapy services. We provide 2D radiation therapy, 3D conformal radiation therapy, stereotactic radiation therapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, and image-guided radiation therapy. Brachytherapy is a method of irradiating radiation to a limited area by placing a radiation-generating device or isotope directly onto the tumor. Our experienced team provides a state-of-the-art brachytherapy.

In most cases, radiation therapy requires neither anesthesia nor hospitalization. It is a misconception that radiotherapy is reserved only for incurable disease, curative radiation therapy is widely used for various cancers. Appropriate use of radiotherapy allows significant number of patients to attain life-long cancer-free survival. Radiotherapy also is effective in ameliorating symptoms and improving quality of life for patients with advanced cancer.

Our team members do our best to provide effective accurate and safe radiotherapy to improve cancer cure and quality of life of out valued patients. To provide high-quality medical care, the team of radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiotherapy technicians, and nurses work in close cooperation to serve the best interests of our patients. In addition, we conduct a wide spectrum of cancer research projects and educate and train students, residents, clinical fellows, medical physicists, and technicians, to nurture cancer specialists and human resources for future generation. 

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