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Transdisciplinary Department of Medicine & Advanced Technology

The medical field is expected by experts to be the biggest beneficiary of the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution and basic science, which are rapidly developing in recent years. Seoul National University Hospital has newly established the Institute of Convergence Medicine and Technology and the Department of Convergence Medicine so that the medical big data accumulated over the past 20 years and the experiences and ideas of our medical teams with world-class capabilities in medical care and research can be used for the development of new medical technologies. We aim to invite researchers who are willing to develop practical technologies that will be used in clinical practice by working with the medical team in the field of medicine. They will create an environment where they can focus on the convergence and integration research, as well as select and foster future professionals who will be working in convergence medicine.

Establishment Objectives

1. Strengthening convergence and integration research capabilities to lead the future of medicine

  - Fostering future medical fields such as precision medicine, biopharmaceutical, IT, AI and big data, and robots in which multidisciplinary work is essential.

2. Intensively fostering dedicated research professor to strengthen research capabilities as a national research-centered hospital

- Leading the medical development in and outside of the country amid the changing medical environment where change and creation is required.

  - Creating a stable research environment where excellent professionals can be fostered

3. Cultivating future professionals in the fields of medicine-engineering-science and providing them with education as a national university hospital

- Developing future medicine education programs to foster future professionals with convergence and integration capabilities who will lead the field of medicine in the 4th industrial era.

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