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Mission of the Pharmaceutical Department

Pharmaceutical department trusted by customers by providing the best pharmaceutical services in the world 


Visions of the Pharmaceutical Department 

1. Pharmaceutical department that approaches customers with customized services

1. Pharmaceutical department that cultivates future leaders who will take leading roles in the development of pharmacy.

1. Pharmaceutical department where staff members respect each other in the best working environment

1. Pharmaceutical department loved for various volunteer activities. 


Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Department 

The Pharmaceutical Department is in charge of preparations and medication counseling for outpatient and inpatient prescriptions of adults and pediatric patients, aseptic preparations of anticancer drugs, intravenous injections, and total parenteral nutrition, provision of pharmaceutical information, pharmacy preparations and supply, and drug management. We aim to help patients recover their health and improve their quality of life with our professional pharmaceutical care including consultations on total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) as well as drug utilization reviews (DUR) and medication counseling on anticoagulants, organ transplant drugs, intensive care drugs, respiratory drugs, kidney drugs, tumor drugs, and multiple drugs. 

We are also paying close attention to drug selections, drug master management, drug supply, and researching quality control and clinical pharmacology of the drugs used.  To contribute to the development of pharmaceutical care, we are reinforcing our professional core competencies through employee training, our pharmacist residency program first launched in 1983, and education for students in and outside of Korea.

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