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Transplantation Center


SNUH is Transplantation Center has adopted a system incorporating highly specialized doctors, coordinators, and nurses to facilitate and optimize patient care before and after transplantation.
 Our Center provides patients with the highest standards of education programs and up-to-date information regarding pre/post transplantation management and prevention of complications.

 Our Center consists of a kidney and pancreas transplant team, a liver and multi-visceral transplant team, a children's organ transplant teams, a heart transplant team, and a lung transplant team. It is organically connected to our transplantation support team with specialists in nephrology, endocrinology, cardiology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, radiology and laboratory medicine. 

Seoul National University Hospital has upgraded the level of clinical research-related fields through world-class systematic and organized research activities, and a actively facilitating join researches with public, national and private research institutes, contributing to the national medical development.  
1. National Institutes of Health Clinical Center 161 
2. UT MD Anderson Cancer Center 144 
3. Massachusetts General Hospital 143 
4. Mayo Clinic 127 
5. Duke University Medical Center 116 
6. Stanford University School of Medicine   77 
7. Washington University School of Medicine   76 
8. Seoul National University Hospital   68 

Number of Clinical Trials Registered 
with the US Institute of Health (as of 2009) 
 the center has an outpatient
The world Health Organization has recognized our Center as a hub leading to organ transplantation.
 Our Center has been dedicated to communicate with transplant physicians from Australia, Japan, Belgium, Kazakhstan and the US. In addition, many faculty memebers from Indonesia, India, Mexico, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Ecuador, Brazil and Canada have visited our Center for training to gain further expertise.  

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