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Operating Theater

Introduction to the Operating Room Management Office

On October 16, 2023, the newly launched Operating Room(OR) Management Office integrated the Pediatric Surgery Room and Adult Surgery Room which were previously separated, to ensure the safety of surgical patients and the seamless operation of the facility. The office comprises a total of 41 operating rooms, with 31 dedicated to adult surgeries and 10 specifically for pediatric surgeries, maintaining the highest standards of care.

1. Operating Room Composition and Operations

Operations are conducted in state-of-the-art smart operating rooms equipped with advanced systems, including robotic and negative-pressure surgery rooms. Our highly skilled medical team performs over 41,000 surgeries annually, high-complexity surgeries for severe conditions ranging from cancer and cardiovascular diseases to organ transplantations and emergency surgeries.

2. Adult Surgery Room

Cutting-edge surgical Facilities and Equipment: The Adult Surgery Room is equipped with the latest facilities and equipment, operating smart surgical rooms with an integration system tailored to provide a comfortable and secure environment for patients. The aim is to create an optimal surgical environment for medical professionals, ultimately facilitating accurate treatment and swift recovery for critically ill patients.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Expertise Enhancement: Collaborating across disciplines during surgeries for critically ill patients enhances expertise and contributes to achieving the hospital's vision and core values.

3. Pediatric Surgery Room

For Children and Adolescents: The Pediatric Surgery Room specializes in surgical procedures for children aged 0 to 15, considering the age and physical development of pediatric patients, ensuring specialized and systematic surgeries.

Expertise Enhancement through multidisciplinary Collaboration: Close collaboration between medical departments, anesthetics team, nursing department, and related sectors ensures internationally recognized surgical and recovery outcomes.

4. Medical Team and Research Activities

Internationally Recognized Medical Team: The surgical team comprises globally acknowledged medical professionals who lead research and innovation in the field of surgery.

Patient-Centric Treatment: Continuous research introduces new therapeutic approaches, emphasizing patient-centered care to deliver optimal results.

5. Education and Research Programs

Student and Specialist Education: Regular education sessions on advanced surgery and operating room systems are provided not only to medical and nursing students but also to delegates from domestic and international hospitals.

Role as a Global Leader: To establish itself as a global leader in advanced medical education, the unit conducts international training programs and imparts cutting-edge surgical knowledge to enhance the core competencies of students and specialists.

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