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The ears, nose, and throat are very important body parts as they are essential when we express our thoughts and feelings. Abnormalities in these organs not only make our lives more difficult, but they may also lead to social isolation by causing interpersonal problems in severe cases. With this in mind, our medical team of otolaryngologists are striving to solve your discomfort. We are equipped with the latest medical devices and knowledge in the world and are engaged in medical care focused on sympathy for patients.

In the Otorhinolaryngology Department at Seoul National University Hospital, 14 faculty members, clinical fellows, residents, nurses, health workers, and office workers are working together to provide patient-centered medical care. In addition, our department is committed to education and research to maintain the best level of medical care in the world.

The Otorhinolaryngology Department is largely divided into three divisions: Otology, Nonscience, and Head and Neck Surgery. Specialists with expertise in both pediatric and adult patients in each division are providing specialized and professional medical care. Our department is performing nearly 2,000 surgeries and 1,000 outpatient surgeries, and it is visited by about 7,000 new patients every year. We are also maximizing patient satisfaction by utilizing various advanced test facilities such as a hearing test room, vestibular function test room, voice test room, and speech therapy room with our specialized clinics including the Hearing Loss/Dizziness/Facial Paralysis Clinic, External Rhinoplasty/Allergy/Sinus Clinic, Head and Neck Tumor/Airway Stricture Clinic, and Voice Clinic.

We are leading the way in the field of otorhinolaryngology in both research and medical care in Korea. We publish the latest knowledge on conferences and academic journals inside and outside of the country and achieve research results that are recognized in the world.

The Otorhinolaryngology Department at Seoul National University Hospital maintains the highest level of medical care in the country and will continue to strive until it becomes a world-class hospital with a medical team and medical equipment that are comparable to the world’s leading hospitals.

Major Diseases and Research Fields 

Otology: Cochlear implant, hearing aid, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, otitis media, skull base tumor, ear tumor, auditory nerve tumor

Nonscience: Chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, sleep apnea, septum curvature, rhinoplasty, nose tumor, endoscopic tumor surgery

Head and Neck Science: Head and neck tumor, thyroid tumor, vocal cord paralysis, airway stenosis, airway obstruction disease, dysphagia 

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