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Mission of the Nursing Department 

The Nursing Department at Seoul National University Hospital contributes to healthy and happy living for humanity through person-centered nursing. 


Visions of the Nursing Department 

1) Nursing department with consideration and respect 

2) Nursing department trusted with the best patient care 

3) Nursing department with open-minded thinking 

4) Nursing department where work is enjoyable  


Core Value of the Nursing Department




Objectives of the Nursing Department 

1) To create an organization where customer care-centered nursing is practiced with high-quality patient care 

(1) We maintain the organizational structure to satisfy the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients. 

(2) We assign appropriate responsibilities of work according to the organization and level. 

(3) We apply a team approach in terms of patient care. 

(4) We develop a patient classification system according to nursing needs.  


2) To improve our nursing productivity through efficient personnel management 

(1) We maintain a reasonable hiring plan. 

(2) We allocate the appropriate number of nursing staff to the right place. 

(3) We maintain an employee capability development plan. 

(4) We conduct an employee evaluation regularly. 

(5) We promote employees according to their ability and plan.  


3) To realize professional nursing through the development of education plans  

We provide and develop preliminary education, occupational education, quality education, continuing education, and human resource development education to foster nurses with competitiveness and core professionals and encourage their self-motivated development.


4) To establish a development strategy for nursing practice.  

(1) We seek for ways to improve patient care through continuous clinical research. 

(2) We improve the quality of nursing care through continuous quality control and improvement. 

(3) We improve our nursing practice through constant standardization by reflecting the latest information. 

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