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Trauma Center


Gil Joon Suh M.D.,PhDTrauma is the third highest cause of mortality worldwide and over 10,000 people die due to inappropriate treatment after trauma in Korea alone. Trauma injury is most common in patients aged in their forties. Since it is that demographic group which is the socially most active, trauma injury creates a great burden on society and its impact must be given the highest priority. 

 Thus, Seoul National University Hospital founded it’s very own Trauma Center in May 2011, to provide professional, specialized care for critically ill trauma patients. Your referral of such severe trauma patient cases to our center gives them their very best chance for survival and full recovery.  

 About our center 

The Seoul National University Hospital Trauma Center is a clinical center intended to treat trauma patients with multiple injuries. Our center includes a general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery department. 

 The Seoul National University Hospital Trauma Center performs not only operations on individual organs, but also resuscitation and post-acute care for trauma patients, immediate assessment and decision of treatment, and all of these procedures are performed by traumatology specialists who care for the patients 24 hours a day. 

 All-day and one stop treatment by a trauma specialist. Upon admission to the SNUH Trauma Center, patients receive specialized trauma care 24 hours a day. A consultation with a specialist via the telephone is also available 24 hours a day.

 Day and night diagnostic and interventional radiology Diagnostic and interventional radiology, which are the most important tools for the diagnosis and hemostasis of trauma patients, is available 24 hours a day.

 Specialized critical care for trauma patients The mortality rate for trauma patients is very high during the post-resuscitation care period even with ideal initial treatment. SNUH Trauma Center offers specialized critical care for the trauma patient to optimize survival and recovery. 

 How to use trauma center You can visit the SNUH emergency room or contact to our main number (0130-484-0001) for any assistance. You can visit International Clinic that provides concierge service in office hours.  

How to contact 
○International Clinic 
   - Office 02 – 2072 – 1817 (domestic) / 82-2-2072-1817 (international)
   - Emergency call 010-9150-2890 (domestic) / 82-10-9150-2890 (international)  

Where to visit

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