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Human Rights Center

What is the Human Rights Center?

  The Human Rights Center at the Seoul National University Hospital was established to protect the human rights of all members of the hospital and create a culture where everyone is considerate and respected. 

The center is in charge of handling reports on human rights violations subjected onto hospital staff and resolving the issues through investigations, as well as counseling employees on related problems. We also provide education to improve their human rights.

How to Use Our Service


Any personnel in the Seoul National University Hospital

Working hours

Mon-Fri, 10:00 - 17:00 (except 12:00 - 13:00)


· Tel. : 02-2072-7647, 7648

· E-mail :

· Fax : 02-2072-7423

· Groupware : Register through the Employee Counseling Office

· Visit : Register at the Human Rights Center on the 1st floor of Research and Innovation Center Operation Support Bldg.

About Application

    Anyone whose human rights were violated can suffer from embarrassment, shock, and shame. In situations like this, problems can be resolved much more easily when you ask for help from the Human Rights Center and get counseling, rather dealing with the issue on your own.  

Your personal information about the consultation and reporting is completely confidential.

Organization of Human Rights Center

Counseling, case reporting procedure and corrective action, education on human rights

1) Counseling

  You can get counseling at the Human Rights Center when your human rights have been violated in the form of abusive language, assault, sexual harassment, bullying in the workplace, and try to get help to restore your psychological stability and resolve the issue. Your personal information and counseling details are completely confidential without the possibility of leakage.

※  If you want psychological counseling concerning stress from work, etc., you can get counseling at the Ilmaeum Mental Health Clinic, Public Health Care Center.

2) Case reporting procedure and corrective action

신고사건 처리 절차 및 구제조치

 01. Initial counseling

  You can be provided with information on the method and procedure used for problem-solving via groupware registration, e-mail, and phone. You can decide whether you want to resolve the problem through counseling or file an official report. The session can be conducted anonymously, and the personal information and counseling details are completely confidential without the possibility of leakage.

 02. Report

  If you want to report, then you can either prepare the report and statement form and submit the document via e-mail, fax, visit or report through the Employee Counseling Office in groupware.

 03. Investigation

  When a report is received, our center collects the reporter’s and the accused’s statements, related materials, and evidence, and investigates the facts based on this.

 04. Deliberation by the Human Rights Deliberation Committee

  When the investigation is completed as the procedure described above, our center refers the case to the Human Rights Committee for final deliberation and resolution, if necessary. The committee ensures the fairness of deliberations through various measures including having external members for least one-third of the committee and preventing one gender from taking more than 6 out of 10 seats.

 05. Correction actions

  The Human Rights Center or the Human Rights Deliberation Committee can recommend consensus or corrective actions or request disciplinary action depending on the level of human rights violation.

 06. Mediation, arbitration

  The Human Rights Center or the Human Rights Deliberation Committee can seek appropriate relief for damage and resolving conflicts between the two parties through the mediation procedure and mediation recommendations according to the decision of the victim.

3) Education on human rights

 01. Human rights education together

  This education aims to raise human rights awareness and sensitivity and improve the mental health of hospital staff. Our center prevents human rights violations by raising awareness about human rights in the hospital through education programs on various topics such as lectures by invited speakers and motor therapy programs.

 02. Human rights education coming to the department

  We provide education on human rights for departments that can be easily exposed to human rights violations or at a department’s request. With human rights education customized for each department, we improve employees’ awareness and prevent violations.

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