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Food Service and Nutrition Care


SNUH Food Service and Nutrition Care Department consists of three parts: Food Service Division, Management Division and Clinical Nutrition Division. The staff members with scientific background and professional experiences in food service and clinical nutrition manage these services.

Food Service 

To improve patient's nutritional conditions and help treat their diseases, we do our best to make sure that meals prescribed for every individual patient are accurately distributed to the right patient. Additionally, we enforce strict hygiene practice for a chain of events from purchasing food materials, food inspection, pre-treatment, cooking and distribution for the sake of patients' safety. Moreover, we continue to develop new menus through regular cooking education and food trip so that patients enjoy tasty food, and have a system that allows every customer to select their meal and snack items based on their own taste. The customer satisfaction survey that is taken more than three times a year is also a way to listen to customers' voices. In addition, we can provide Western style diets and Halal food diets for patients' from foreign countries.


Clinical Nutrition Service 

We provide comprehensive nutrition consultation services for patients in the both inpatients and outpatients settings. Our clinical dieticians use our knowledge of food, nutrition and other fields such as biochemistry, physiology and social science to diagnose and manage the patients' nutrition related problems.


What do we offer?

- Malnutrition Screening

A patient's nutritional status has influence on his/her medical outcome. We practice nutritional screening by computer system to identify and manage hospitalized patients who is malnourished or at risk to become malnourished. Clinical dieticians set multidisciplinary intervention plans for improving the nutrition status of patients at high risk of malnutrition depending on patients' nutrition diagnosis.  

- Therapeutic Diet Guide

We provide guide on diet for inpatients who are given therapeutic diet. This improves patients' compliance and understanding on their diet.


- Nutritional Support

As a member of nutrition support team in SNUH, we provide nutrition support service for the patients who can't eat properly. We participate in multidisciplinary decision for maintaining or improving the patients' nutrition status.  

- Personal Counseling

Patients are educated on their modified diet in the both inpatients and outpatients settings. Through face-to-face counseling with professional clinical dietitians, the dieticians give instructions and helpful tips such as choosing correct foods or correcting eating patterns and habits for disease control. We also give them helpful information on how to eat and keep healthful lifestyle under various circumstances. The patients can get answers based on scientific evidence to their questions on food and meals.  

- Group Education (in Korean)

We run following group programs about the general management of diseases with other medical staff such as doc tors and nurses:


- Who do we help? 

Any patients or their families who want to know how to eat for good nutrition and healthy life

- How to ask for help?

The Malnutrition Screening and Therapeutic diet guide, are served to all the hospitalized without any request. If you have any questions about food consumption and proper meal management, ask your doctor for nutritional advice from professional clinical dietitians.

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