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Logistics Management

Introduction to the Integrated Logistics Department

The Integrated Logistics Department is responsible for logistics-related tasks in the hospital and is in charge of the comprehensive management of purchase requests, introduction, inspection, supply, and used amount of supplies and drugs. Our department aims to create the best medical environment by supporting and optimizing logistics tasks so that all departments in the hospital can provide high-quality medical care.

Main Roles of the Integrated Logistics Department

- Cleaning, packaging, sterilization, and supply of reusable medical devices 

- Linen and fabric supply and laundry 

- Purchase request for and supply of inventory assets (medical materials, test reagents, etc.) 

- Purchase request for and supply of drugs 

- Purchase request for general equipment, computing equipment, and other devices 

- Purchase request for and supply of stored items (office supplies, other stored items, etc.) 

- Management improvement and planning to improve the quality of logistics services 

- Details updates in statistics, settlement, and accounting

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