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Public Healthcare Center

Public Healthcare Center is composed of Home Healthcare Clinic, Work and Mental Health Clinic, and Environmental Medicine Clinic, and their medical staff, home health nursing team, medical social welfare team.

Home Healthcare Clinic provides home-based medical care and discharge planning services to the patients living with serious illness at home
- Patients with complex chronic condition
- Technology dependent patients (home ventilator, gastrostomy, nasogastric tube, and so on)
- Patients at high risk of complication after discharge
- Patients who require supportive care such as pain control
- Patients who need medical services at home; surgical wound management, nutritional support, and so on.

Work and Mental Health Clinic is for staff members who are in need of psychiatric and mental health care for various mental health issues including job related stress. The clinic also accept referrals from the Human rights center and staff health care clinics, and also from any other departments in need of a professional mental health service. The clinic provide standard psychiatric and work-place mental health services, including pharmacotherapy and various mode of psychotherapies. To enhance access to the mental health service, the clinic offers self-booking systems, psychiatric-level secure medical records and hospital-subsidized counselling fees for the clients. 

Environmental Medicine Clinic is for patients who fall under one of the following categories: patients who need to evaluate and manage exposure to heavy metals and endocrine-disrupting chemicals; patients who need counseling for environmental diseases such as pneumoconiosis, asbestos-related diseases (malignant mesothelioma, asbestosis), or allergies; patients believed to have occupational diseases such as occupational lung cancer and organic solvent poisoning; patients who need counseling for work-related diseases such as noise-induced hearing loss, sleep disorders due to shift work. It is a clinic that offers environmental and occupational tests, in-depth counseling, and treatment.

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