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Suh, Dong In

1   Transplantation Center

2   International Healthcare Center

3   Pediatric Allergy and Respiratory Diseases


1   Lung transplantion

2   pediatric allergic conditions , pediatric respiratory conditions chronic complex conditions in children

3   Respiratory system , Acute respiratory disease , Chronic respiratory disease , Chronic cough , Bronchial asthma , Childhood asthma , Wheezing , allergy , Food allergy , Allergic rhinitis , Hives , Home ventilator



Professor Dong-In Suh graduated from Seoul National University and has done his training in the Department of Pediatrics at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH). He is currently the assistant professor in the Division of Pediatric allergy&Respiratory Diseases, Department of Pediatrics at SNUH. Professor Suh evaluates the structure of the respiratory system through pulmonary imaging studies, blood gas analysis, pulmonary function tests, pediatric polysomnography and pediatric bronchoscopy, etc. He is able to meticulously diagnose the respiratory system of infants and preschool children, which is difficult to evaluate. Furthermore, he manages at-home ventilators as well as respiration rehabilitation included respiratory system for patients with neuromuscular diseases. He examines and evaluates as well as manages the antigen causing the allergic reactions. Other than these, Professor Suh also is a core member of the Seoul National University Children's Hospital Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Team, where he is promoting drug safety. He is also a core member of the Medical Research Ethics Committee where he is actively leading for research practices to be done ethically.

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