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Kwon, Ohsang


Pediatric Dermatology


Juvenile skin disease, Hair transplantation, Hair and scalp disease, Alopecia, atopic dermatitis



Professor Ohsang Kwon specializes in alopecia (baldness) for both male and female, trichopathy, and hair transplantation. He is studying the mechanism for areata alopecia as well as conducting fundamental experiments in order to develop a treatment for it. He is actively conducting on hair-restore clinical trials. After finishing his visit to the University of Pennsylvania as a visiting scholar, he has returned to Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) where he is currently the Director of the Department of Pediatric Dermatology at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital. He is a Board Member for the Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology (KSID) as well as both the Board Member, and Director of Scientific Affairs, Korean Hair Research Society (KHRS); where he is actively participating as the academic board in both academic societies. Not only this, Professor Kwon is also the Secretary of the Institute of Human-Environment Interface Biology, Medical Research Center, Seoul National University College of Medicine where he is avidly developing the field of dermatology.

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