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AKMU's warm gift that gave hope to child patients at Seoul National University Hospital

Hit : 462 Date : 2024-01-25

AKMU's warm gift that gave hope to child patients at Seoul National University Hospital

- AKMU sends warm support and consolation through song...a time of touching and healing

- Visit to the pediatric cancer ward to deliver unforgettable unique memories and Christmas presents


[Photo] ‘AKMU’s Small Concert’ performance



[Photo] AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun performing

On December 19, Seoul National University Hospital (Director Kim Young Tae) hosted 'AKMU's Small Concert' in the Children's Hospital's first-floor lobby. This concert was held as a special event where AKMU's Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun visited Seoul National University Children's Hospital to deliver warm support and comfort to patients.


AKMU created a bright atmosphere for patients to enjoy with various songs such as ‘Love Lee’, ‘Fry’s Dream’, and ‘I Love you’. Their wonderful performance soothed the minds of patients and their guardians, providing moments of healing.


When selecting songs specially for child patients, they chose 'Little Star', which they have rarely sung in other performances, to offer a message of hope. They also sang 'Long Day, Long Night' to console and sympathize with the patient's parents and medical staff, who work tirelessly for 24-7 to keep patients well.


About 250 patients and their guardians in the foyer expressed their gratitude with loud applause, instantly filling an often anxiety-filled hospital with joy and love. It was an opportunity for everyone to experience great moments together.


After the 50-minute concert, AKMU visited the ward where pediatric cancer patients were hospitalized and delivered warm words of encouragement and Christmas presents to patients who were unable to attend the concert due to weak immune systems. AKMU's communication of heartfelt care brought great joy to the child patients.


In particular, AKMU wore protective gear and entered the cancer ward directly, providing unforgettable memories by playing music and taking pictures to pediatric cancer patients who had been unable to leave the sterile room.


AKMU said, “We were able to sing with strength thanks to the warm and loving audience watching us,” and “We prepared a concert to give patients a special time, but instead, we received greater comfort and support from them.”


Jeong Seo Hee (15 years old), a patient hospitalized in the pediatric cancer ward, said, “AKMU’s music has been a cure for my heart throughout my hospitalization,” and added, “Through the support I received today with their music, I will continue to be strength and receive treatment in the future.”


  Hospital Director Kim Young Tae said, “I hope this special memory provides warm consolation to patients and their guardians enduring the difficult treatment process.” He added, “Seoul National University Hospital will do our best to continue to support health and happiness through various programs that not only treat diseases but also heal the mind.”

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