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Seoul National University Hospital was selected as ‘Best’ institution following implementation of public health care plan.

Hit : 475 Date : 2024-01-25

Seoul National University Hospital was selected as ‘Best’ institution following implementation of public health care plan.

- Operation of a public transport center for patients with severe medical symptoms in Seoul and establishment of a public healthcare cooperation system


Seoul National University Hospital (Director Kim Young Tae) announced on the 19th that it achieved the highest grade by obtaining a final score of 92.5 points in the ‘2022 Public Health and Medical Plan Implementation Results’ evaluated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


   ‘The public healthcare plan implementation results’ are provided every year by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, per the Public Health Care Act, after reviewing the plans established by public health care institutions and evaluating their performance.


The evaluation focuses on 194 public medical institutions, including national university hospitals, regional medical centers, hospitals for special diseases, and geriatric hospitals. It is divided into three categories: expanding the essential medical care provision system, strengthening public healthcare capabilities, and strengthening the foundation of the public healthcare system.


Seoul National University Hospital operates the 'Seoul Severe Trauma Final Treatment Center' and 'Rare Disease Central Support Center', which establish a specialized trauma care system and a central-regional rare disease treatment linkage system, and an 'integrated care system' for seriously ill children and adolescent patients, providing systematic medical services to carry out their duty and function as a national central hospital.


Furthermore, as a regionally responsible medical institution representing the Seoul district area, it is actively pursuing projects to increase public awareness. In particular, in this evaluation, it received high scores for operating the Seoul Severe Patient Public Transport Center (SMICU) and establishing a public health and medical cooperation system for the rapid transfer of severe emergency patients.


In addition, the operation of the public clinical professor system and the differentiated cancer patient care method known as ‘Nurse service visiting patients with home ventilators and cancer patients at home,’ were evaluated as contributing to closing the gap in essential medical care in the region and setting an example for other institutions.


Kim Young Tae, President of Seoul National University Hospital, stated, "As a national central hospital, we will continue to provide professional public medical care to expand the essential medical care base and strengthen the cooperation system with national, public, and community medical institutions to take a leading role in achieving qualitative growth in the future public medical system."



 [Photo] Seoul National University Hospital was selected as ‘best’ institution as a result of implementing their public health care plan and received a commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare.


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