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خدمات العيادة الخارجية

For Korean National Insurance holders Clinic Process

01. Schedule your appointment
Request Online

Call : 1588-5700 (If you cannot speak Korean please call 02-2072-0505)

Walk in visit : Mon-Fri : 9AM – 5:30PM / Sat : 9AM - 12:30AM

Patients with Korean National Insurance have to bring a referral letter for the appointment, except for family medicine appointments, for the Korean National Insurance to be applied. The law in Korea requires patients with Korean National Insurance to go to a primary/secondary hospital before visiting a tertiary hospital.

You can get the referral letter from another hospital (usually a primary) or from our family medicine doctor. For a referral letter from our family medicine doctor, you have to make an appointment in advance. Please note you will be charged separately for the family medicine consultation.

02. Visit on your appointment date
ID verification
Register Radiological Images
Check in with the IHC Staff

First-time visitors have to bring their Alien Registration Card (ARC) or Passport for identification.
If you have any medical reports and/or medical images related to treatment or symptoms, please bring them to the appointment (all records must be either in Korean or English). Note, if you are bringing any radiological images, please come to the center 30 minutes prior, so we can help you register the images the before the appointment.

03. Outpatient clinic visit
  • If you need a Medical certificate, you have to request the doctor directly during the consulation. After it is written, you can get the certificate issued at window
    #1 after paying at the payment desk.
  • You may have to wait or may have to make an appointment for another day
    if you visit the hospital without a prior appointment.
04. Complete payment
  • You can pay with cash or credit card. If you pay by credit card, you can choose the currency between Korean won or US dollars.
  • At SNUH you have to make a deposit of the estimated cost of your treatment in order to be admitted. Please have in mind the actual charges could be more or less at the completion of the patient’s treatment.
  • Available Services : English Receipt, Itemized (Detailed) Receipt, etc.
05. Proceed with tests and/ or pick up prescription
Medical Treatment

Most medications prescribed at the outpatient clinic are usually not included
in the outpatient payment bill. Therefore, you have to get the prescription
printed out and buy the prescribed medicine at a pharmacy outside
of the hospital.

  • In case of medical emergency, go to our Emergency Department which is open 24/7. SNUH ER has
    been designated as Seoul Metropolitan area emergency health center, we see over 150 patients
    per day including many with urgent, complex and rare medical conditions. Our highly trained and
    skilled physicians and staff provide excellent quality care and service that each patient deserves.
    FYI, we have adult ER and pediatric ER separately. The adult ER is next to the main buildings
    entrance, and the pediatric ER is on the 1st floor of the Children’s hospital.
  • Note: when you first get to the emergency room you will have a pre-examination at the triage area, ER doctors determine treatment priority by assessing the patient’s medical urgency. In order to provide the best possible acute care, the Emergency Department may recommend you an outpatient consultation at the earliest possible days or referral to other medical center adequate for your condition

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