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As the main teaching and research hospital in Korea, SNUH has been involved in international education and research activities to take part in the global service community.
By interacting with medical and administrative professionals from overseas, we would like to share
our experience of learning with more trainees/students

Professional Development
Professional Development(Location, Program, Options)
Location Program Options
Training at SNUH
(Doctors, Nurses, AHP)
Sponsored Program -
Non-sponsored Program
  • Observational Training
  • Training with Education Fee
Academic Advancement
Academic Advancement(Location, Program, Options)
Location Program Options
SNU College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate Program
  • Graduate Program (M.D., Ph.D.)
More Opportunities

Find a professor

When applying for a training program…
  • A.

    As the program is mostly conducted in English, medical personnel who wish to apply for
    it must be able to communicate in Korean or English. If speaking, writing, and listening in either of
    the languages is not possible, applicants will not be able to join the training.

  • B.

    Medical personnel who wish to be trained at SNUH must submit official medical license issued by
    their respective countries. Applicants without license will not be eligible as trainees.

  • C.

    Overseas medical personnel who wish to receive training must send via e-mail the required forms
    at least 2 months before the scheduled first day of the program.

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