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General parking lot fee

General parking lot fee(Time, Fee)
Time Fee
Day-time (7AM ~ 11PM)
  • The first 15 minutes : free
  • Basic Rate : 1500 won within the first 30 minutes.
  • After 30minutes : 500 won for each additional 10 minutes.
Night-time (1PM ~ 7PM) 500 won per hour

Free Parking

Free Parking(Period, Classification)
Period Classification
1hr Reservation of medical treatment or payment in the middle of hospitalization or
medical treatment
  • Day of medical treatment, examination, and discharge from hospital.
  • Visiting patients hospitalized in a single room (1car)
6hrs The day of medical treatment plus hospitalization.
  • Special examination (Bone scan, laparoscope operation, examination of nucleus
    medicine, daytime ward and blood tumor)
  • Patient visiting 2 departments for medical treatment (outpatient)
(One day)
Emergency Center, PET, Polysomnography, Gamma Knife, Health Improvement Center, Hemodialysis, Surgery patients, day of hospitalization and patients being discharged.

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