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  • How can I make an appointment for E2 Visa check up?

    For an E2 visa check up please fill out the Online Registration:

    Write on *Symptoms and Medical Services Required “I need an E2 Visa check up”.


    We have 2 types of E2 visa check up (Results take 3 - 4 days)

    Program A : Doctor consultation, Physical Exam, Chest X-ray, Blood & Urine Test (Drug screening & HIV)

    - You have to be fasting for 12hrs

    - Bring your ARC card or Passport

    - Bring 3 ID (3x4) pictures

    Program B: Doctor consultation, Blood & Urine Test (Drug screening & HIV)

    - No need to be fasting

    - Bring your ARC card or Passport

    - Bring 3 ID (3x4) pictures

    If you have additional questions please let us know so we can keep updating our information for your convenience.

  • I want to stay near the hospital, could you recommend accommodations that are closeby?

    Yes. Please see the Accomodations page for the location and contact information. We recommend booking your accommodations after you have made an appointment.

  • How can I get a copy of my hospital records (medical records and/or radiological images) and can I get the records in English? If I am unavailable can someone else get a copy of my medical records?

    You need to come to our office with your ID (ARC or Passport) and fill out a request form. If you need a CD with your radiological images, please tell us when you are requesting your medical records.

    The medical certificate/opinion can only be written by a doctor, therefore if you need a medical certificate in English or in Korean you should request the doctor during the consultation. Otherwise, you have to make a new appointment to request one and will be additionally charged for the consultation.

    If a third party is coming on your behalf to make a copy of the medical records or CD with radiological images, he/she has to bring the following documents (there can be limitations for medical records from departments such as neuropsychiatry, gynecology, urology etc. if the patient is not present):

    - Authorization for disclosure and copy of medical records (You can download it at the Issuance Service page)

    - Copy of the patient’s passport or Identification

    - Copy of the passport or identification of the person that is coming on your behalf.

    (There can be additional charges depending on the type of document)

  • Do you provide hospital meals for patients with special needs?

    During hospitalization you can request Korean meals, Western meals or Halal Meals. The fee varies with each meal type (for more information ask your attending nurse). We can also provide meals for the guardians, but it has to be requested beforehand at the nurses station or your attending nurse.

    Specially requested meals (ex: Halal meals) may not be provided on the same day it is requested, since it takes time to acquire the raw materials for preparation.

    If you have specific needs (for example cannot eat seafood due to allergies), please inform nursing staff at the ward on the day of your admission.

  • If I am admitted at the hospital can a guardian stay with me at the hospital ward?

    One guardian is allowed to stay during the hospitalization if you are admitted in a general ward. We provide bedding sets (for guardian), for patients who came from abroad for your convenience so kindly return the bedding sets to the International Healthcare Center upon discharge.

  • Do you accept International Insurance? If so, which are they?

    We accept the following international insurance: Cigna, AETNA, FSBP (Foreign Service Benefit Plan), METLIFE, SIPCHEM, ARAMCO (Vanbreda), DAMAN (only covers admissions), TRICARE (Prime, Standard), Prestige International, United Healthcare International (UHI).

    To be able to get a guarantee of payment (only for the insurance companies mentioned above), you have to send us a copy of your insurance membership card (front and back) at least 2 to 3 days prior to your outpatient consultation/3 to 4 days before admission. If additional information is necessary our staff incharge of insurance billing will contact you. Cashless service will be applied only after GOP is received before the consultation/admission. Depending on the insurance company, treatment approval can take time. If you have any questions regarding insurance information please call 02-2072-2783.

    If you have another insurance or if official guarantee of payment (GOP) is not presented before your consultation, you would have to pay the hospital fee yourself and claim your insurance company. Please let us know if you need itemized receipt in english.

  • I cannot come to the hospital, but I would like someone to go to the consultation on my behalf. What is the process for a consultation and how much does it cost?

    It is at each doctors’ discretion to accept a consultation without the patient. Please note specific treatment planning or prescription can be limited unless the patient comes in person).

    If a third party (from here on known as the guardian) is coming on your behalf, the guardian has to prepare and bring the following documents on the day of the consultation:

    - Authorization for disclosure and copy of medical records (You can download it at the Issuance Service page)

    - Copy of the patient’s passport or Identification

    - Copy of the guardian’s passport or Identification

    - Patient’s medical records including all test results, images, and/or slides.

    The guardian has to bring your recent medical records in English or Korean. If you have radiological images, the guardian has to come to the hospital 30 minutes prior to the consultation and register the images at the CD Registration Window # 71, which is located on the first floor, at the right side of the information desk.

    The cost of the consultation is 60,000 KRW for a specialist/consultant.

  • Do you accept medical records in foreign languages? If not, does IHC provide medical record translation?

    We accept medical records in English or Korean.

  • Does the International Healthcare Center provide interpreters?

    We provide interpretation in English, Spanish, Mongolian, Russian, Chinese.

    Most of specialists in our Hospital can speak English fluently.


    Note: If you have the Korean National Health Insurance you will receive the same service as Korean patients, therefore interpreters/support services cannot be provided.

  • How can I get a prescription for a medication refill?

    Even though it is just prescription refill, doctor’s consultation is necessary for a prescription renewal.

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