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Thyroid Center

Best Medical Staff, Standardized Cutting-Edge Treatment

The Thyroid Center of Seoul National University Cancer Hospital (SNUCH) was opened as Korea’s first thyroid clinic in the 1950s. We provide the world’s best medical treatment with a mission of being the first and best in Korea. Significantly, we have been responsible for world-leading research in the area of thyroid medicine based on our long-term clinical experience and data. On this basis, we are developing and applying advanced treatment that is optimized for Korean patients.

Cooperative Care of the Excellent Medical Staff

The Thyroid Center of SNUCH has the best medical staff in the areas of internal medicine, surgery, otolaryngology, nuclear medicine, radiology, and pathology to provide optimal thyroid disease treatment. We also run a clinic for the treatment of hereditary endocrine tumors, which is a form of cancer associated with thyroid disease, and conduct early screening and treatment for patients with rare diseases and for their families.

World-Class Research-Driven Hospital

The Thyroid Center of SNUCH has achieved world-class research findings based on our 60 years of clinical experience and data, and is a world leader in thyroid medicine. Based on this, we predict and identify patterns of diseases that change along time and establish preemptive treatment strategies. In addition, we are participating in various global clinical trials including those for targeted anticancer drugs to establish optimal treatments for changing medical environments and breaking new medical ground. Recently, we have been actively researching artificial intelligence using surgical videos, 5G virtual reality, medical big data standardization technology, and analysis platform development.

Medical Service using State-of-the-art Technology

The Thyroid Center of SNUCH has developed the world’s first BABA endoscopic surgery and is applying this to a state-of-the-art robot to perform standard oncoplastic thyroid cancer surgery that can perform curative resection of cancer without leaving wounds on the neck. In addition, neuromonitoring for recurrent laryngeal nerve and external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve is performed during surgery to minimize voice changes after thyroid cancer surgery. In addition to surgical treatments, minimally invasive radiofrequency and ethanol ablation are performed to provide optimal personalized treatment for thyroid nodules in various ways. As a new recent therapeutic approach with companion diagnostics (theranostics), we are performing and developing targeted radionuclide therapy for various refractory cancers such as neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer by expanding the principles of radioiodine therapy. 


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