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Gastric Cancer Center

The Gastric Cancer Center of Seoul National University Hospital

The Gastric Cancer Center of Seoul National University Hospital is providing the best treatment services to gastric cancer patients through a multidisciplinary system based on extensive treatment experience and technology. Our center is leading several clinical and basic studies for the development of gastric cancer treatment and performing the role of a research leader.

Specialization of multidisciplinary treatment consisting of the best medical team

Based on close cooperation between several medical departments related to gastric cancer and service of nurses specializing in gastric cancer, the examinations required for patients are quickly performed and the most appropriate treatment methods are determined. The multidisciplinary approach that includes the departments of surgery, gastroenterology, oncology, radiology, pathology, and nuclear medicine has been actively carried out since several years before, wherein the most appropriate treatment method is applied after discussion with several departments according to each patient's disease stage and general physical condition. Compared to other institutes in Korea that have recently started to use this multidisciplinary approach, which is nominal cooperative treatment, the multidisciplinary system at the Cancer Hospital of Seoul National University Hospital is different as a practical, specific, and established system.


Pursuing patient-customized treatment

“Customized treatment” such as laparotomy, laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, endoscopic resection, treatment before and after surgery, etc., which are properly applied, are pursued depending on each patient’s condition regarding treatment methods.


Operating education programs for patients and guardians

Education programs are operated for patients and guardians every week. Professional staff of various fields related to the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer patients including surgery department professors, oncology professors, nutritionists, and gastrointestinal cancer nurses deliver information on the overview of gastrointestinal cancer, treatment methods, reports, recovery process after undergoing gastrointestinal cancer surgery, and dietary information. This program, which includes contents of questions and answers, provides high-quality information that gives actual help to gastrointestinal cancer patients and guardians and receives great response. Patients who have successfully returned to society after undergoing gastrointestinal cancer surgery voluntarily participate as education instructors once a month to share their experience with information and experience that the medical team cannot deliver, giving great hope to family members.

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