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Pediatric Pathology

The pathology department makes an accurate final diagnosis of the disease by observing and analyzing a sample of tissue or cells collected from the patient. In addition, through various pathological tests, we determine the patient’s stage or condition and identify important immunological/molecular biological markers. Through this, we play an essential role in enabling clinicians to determine personalized treatments that fit individual patients’ characteristics and predict prognosis. The Department of Pediatric Pathology is responsible for diagnosing the pathology of various diseases of children that differ from those of adults. Besides this, we play a crucial role in precision medicine and personalized treatment by providing necessary information for predicting the patient’s prognosis and treatment direction through various pathological tests.

In the Department of Pediatric Pathology at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, two professors who majored in pediatric pathology participate in treatment. We carry out advanced pathology diagnosis at the level of advanced countries for pediatric patients by conducting Molecular and Genomic pathological tests, immunohistochemical staining and electron microscopy, as well as classical histopathologic and cytopathological tests for rapid and accurate testing.

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