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      Information on the Collection and Use of Personal Information
      1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information With the consent of users, Seoul National University Hospital collects users’ personal information for the purpose of provision of services.

      2. Items of Personal Information Collected Patient registration number, Name, Gender, Alien registration number, Date of birth, Passport number, Passport expiry date, Nationality, Language, Contact number, Email address, Emergency contact, Address in Korea, Permanent Address, Private Insurance, Symptoms & Medical Services Required, Available Dates & Comments.

      3. Term of Retaining and Use of Personal Information : 2 years.

      4. You have a right to disagree the collection and use of personal Information above. If so, please contact us by +82-2-2072-0505 and let us know the details.

      * Please agree to the Information on the Collection and Use of Personal Information
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