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  • How long does the homecare nurse stay per visit?

    It takes 30 minutes on average to provide nursing services and instructions to the patient. This can be extended in the first visit or for patients with bedsores that require a longer treatment.

  • Does the homecare nurse come immediately whenever I call?

    This is not an emergency system, and therefore the homecare nurse does not visit you immediately after you call. You can contact your professional nurse during working hours (09:00 to 18:00).

  • How do I prepare the medical devices and equipment required for treatment and nursing?

    Home suction machines are available from commercial medical device sellers. The oxygen generator is available by lease from a specialized company. You can use your health insurance if you have a prescription for oxygen. Various medical materials such as gauze, wound dressings, and intubation feeding foods are also available from commercial medical device sellers.

  • How do I apply for homecare?

    Please contact your doctor. If your doctor evaluates that you need homecare, your doctor will create a [Homecare Referral (Doctor’s Prescription)] through a computer (HIS) and refer you to our Homecare Program Team.

  • Can I apply over the phone?

    You cannot apply over the phone. You need to have a Homecare Referral from our doctor in the main hospital, and a consultation with our Homecare Program Team.

  • How many times can I use the homecare service?

    It depends on your condition and the visit schedule of our hospital. ※ For management with constant TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) or home ventilator: The homecare nurse visits a patient within 48 hours after discharge (referral) and 3 times a week for the first week, after which the visit interval is gradually extended, ultimately to a once weekly schedule.

  • Is it similar to the visiting care in the Long-Term Care Insurance for the Aged?

    No, it is different. Visiting care is covered by the Long-Term Care Insurance for the Aged, and is applicable at the Visiting Care Center when a patient designated as being long-term care for the aged grade (Grade 1 to 4) needs medical treatment and the doctor’s Visiting Care Instruction has been obtained. Our homecare is covered by the national health insurance (medical insurance) and our Homecare Program Team provides treatment and nursing based on the Homecare Referral.

  • How much is the homecare fee (cost)?

    Homecare is 20% covered by health insurance for general conditions, 10% covered for rare/severe intractable diseases, and 5% covered for cancers.

     With 20% coverage, the standard visit fee with 2 professional homecare nurses is 21,970 KRW for the first visit, 14,650 KRW per visit thereafter. Treatment fees and material fees are in addition to the standard visit fee. For those residing in a social welfare facility (sanatorium), a 50% reduction is applied to the standard visit fee (as of 2020. Jan).

  • How do I pay for the homecare?

    You can deposit a certain amount of money in the SNUH Hospital Affairs Division’s account (Shinhan Bank 140-005-729519) where the fee is automatically paid upon each visit. Alternatively, you can use the Hi-pass service for easier payment (contact Hospital Affairs Division: 02-2072-0830).

  • Who should I contact when I have question about the homecare?

    Please contact us through 02-2072-2055 (extension number 2055) or visit our Homecare Program Team Office located on the 1st floor in our main building.

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