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Main Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital has been looking after public health over the past 100 years, leading
the development of medicine in Korea. It was established in 1885 as Korea 's first national hospital under the name of Kwang Hye Won. It was after, it became the affiliate hospital for Seoul National University 's College of Medicine and College of Dentistry before being recognized as a special corporate body under the name of Seoul National University Hospital.

Seoul National University Hospital Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Today the hospital is comprised of the Main Hospital , the Children's Hospital, the Cancer Hospital,
the Dental Hospital , and the Clinical Research Institute. Over 1,751 hospital beds, approximately
2,000 inpatients and 9,000 outpatients are treated each day by 1,835 doctors and 6,398 staff.

With the arrival of the 21 st century, Seoul National University Hospital is striving to develop into a world-class hospital, safeguarding the health of mankind. The hospital's vision for the 21st century is based on
patient-oriented care, respect for mankind, the creation of knowledge and public service.

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