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Personalized Cancer Medicine Center

Cancer Customized Treatment Center at Seoul National University Cancer Hospital

Our medical team with its rich clinical experience and professional knowledge of cancer genomes provides customized treatment for cancer patients and conducts clinical studies on target anticancer drugs.

We Aim for Accurate Diagnosis and Optimal Customized Treatment through Genetic Testing.

Cancer is a disease caused by congenital and acquired genetic mutations. This is generally caused by a mutation of a tumor suppressor gene or oncogene, and identifying the exact mutation that caused the cancer helps with the diagnosis and treatment. The development of cost-effective test technologies using next-generation sequencing has enabled various genetic tests to be widely used in clinical practice.

Genetic testing can help cancer patients in the situations described below.

① When a hereditary cancer is strongly suspected due to its early development or the patient’s family history, and whether the cancer is hereditary is needed to be confirmed 

② When the diagnosis is ambiguous and needs to be confirmed by identifying a certain genetic mutation

③ When a cancer patient resistant to most conventional treatment options needs to find a suitable targeted therapy and customized clinical study

④ When a patient with many treatment options needs to decide the most appropriate treatment

We Provide Various Treatment Options.

The Cancer Customized Treatment Center performs genetic testing based on next-generation sequencing, as well as classic genetic testing approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It also provides opportunities to participate in various clinical studies with targeted anticancer drugs by working with research-centered hospitals and the tumor clinical study center. Seoul National University Cancer Hospital is the best clinical trial institution in Korea. Clinical studies using anticancer drugs, vaccines, and cell therapies targeting various targets in various types of cancer are conducted, and patients have access to the variety of treatment methods.

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