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Cancer Clinical Trials Center

While the importance of clinical tests has increased in all medical fields, those to develop new treatments for cancer have risen explosively, and the difficulty of research likewise has increased.

 Consequently, a clinical trials center that specializes in cancer treatment is urgently needed 

 To meet such research demands, SNUH established the Cancer Clinical Trials Center (CCTC), which professionally conducts only cancer clinical tests, along with the opening of the Cancer Hospital, in March 2011.

 As the first clinical test center solely for cancer disorders in South Korea, the center aims at providing world-class clinical research service.

 The center actively conducts domestic and international clinical tests that will open a new future for conquering cancer, and the academic papers presented based on such research, too, boast world-class excellence. 

 In particular, actively under way are clinical trials to develop new anti-cancer agents including targeted anti-cancer agents, and researchers at SNUH participate in numerous global, multinational clinical trials as senior researchers, orchestrating the development of new treatments for cancer.

 Consequently, the center is establishing itself as an international hub of clinical tests in name and deed.


 Clinical Research Ward

 The ward is equipped with a total of 30 beds (10 beds and 20 couches) with intensive monitoring systems, and it is possible to medicate and to collect research data on test subjects throughout 24 hours


 Staffed by four managerial pharmacists, the pharmacy within the center professionally manages anti-cancer agents and drugs for clinical tests.

 To ensure the appropriateness of its storage of drugs, drugs to be stored at room temperature are managed at 20-25°C at all times, and three refrigerators solely for drugs and a backup refrigerator have been installed for drugs to be stored in refrigeration.

 In addition, the pharmacy is equipped with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) connection to prevent temperature failure, a 24-hour monitoring system, and two IOS5-standard biological safety cabinets (BSC) for the preparation of aseptic injections.

 Tumor Test Room

 The test room within the center is responsible for duties including the processing, storage, and transfer of blood and specimens from research patients and electrocardiography.

 As facilities for them, there are low-temperature and ultra-low-temperature deep freezers to store specimens, centrifuges (at room temperature and refrigerated), refrigerators to store reagents, and electrocardiography devices.

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