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Hemato Oncology

Since the establishment of Division of Hematology and Oncology(HMO) at Seoul National University Hospital in 1978, division of HMO have been a pioneer in the diagnosis, treatment, research, and education of cancer in  Korea. The Division of HMO comprise of hematology, which deals with blood-related cancers and benign hematologic disorders (anemia, hemostatic thrombosis, etc.), and oncology, which deals with various solid tumors.


In the area of hematology, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation was started in 1985, and more than 2,000 transplantation have been performed. Through cooperation with the Department of Laboratory Medicine and the Division of Infectious Diseases, we ensure that our diagnosis and treatment are as accurate and effective as possible. In the area of oncology, working in close partnership with the Department of Pathology, Radiology, Surgery, and Radiation Oncology, our institute delivers care to thousands of patients each year in a multidisciplinary approach. In addition, our institute is focused on clinical research and trials focused on improving patient's treatment outcome and quality of life.


For basic research, the Cancer Research Institute is focused on a broad array of topics conducting experiments on tumors and blood diseases in various fields. Studies of hematopoietic stem cell to improve outcomes of hematopoietic stem cell transplant, genomics and microenvironment of leukemia and multiple myeloma , research on the mechanism of blood coagulation centered on thrombosis, research on growth factors and intracellular signaltransduction in cancer cells, research on the antitumor effect of new anticancer targeted agents and immune check-point inhibitors, , cancer genetics, and research on the pharmacogenetics and immunological properties of cancer patients are being conducted.

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