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Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

The Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine of Seoul National University Hospital offers treatment with cutting-edge knowledge to improve the function and quality of life of children with various diagnoses. We strive to identify developmental delays due to diseases in early stages, provide timely treatment and parental counseling, and ultimately utilize and develop children ’s abilities to the maximum and minimize disabilities.

Treatment Details

We provide multidimensional rehabilitation treatment according to the individual situation of the patient.

- Physical therapy : We train patients to achieve normal gross motor development using Bobath/Vojta therapy. In developing children, this allows them to achieve a standing posture, perform gait training for normal gait development, and also to use special ambulation assist devices.

- Occupational therapy : Considering the stage of child development, we improve the function of daily living activities and induce small muscle development through upper limb and hand function training.

-Swallowing therapy : After evaluation of swallowing function through video angiography or endoscopic swallowing evaluation, personalized swallowing rehabilitation treatment and parental education are provided. Dietary education on a diet is also provided in cooperation with the Department of Nutrition.

- Orthosis Clinic : Various types of orthosis developed by Seoul National University Hospital are used. In addition, we have equipped advanced orthosis manufacturing technology based on our medical experience. Personalized orthosis can be produced for each child.

- Botulinum Procedure Clinic : Botulinum toxin injection treatment is administered to children and adolescents with spasticity, severe drooling, or dystonia. The procedure is performed to deliver the drug in a safe dose to a local area using ultrasound or electromyography.

We are leading pediatric rehabilitative medicine with the best treatment based on smooth communication through a team approach using a collaborative system with the Department of Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Pediatric Orthopedics, Pediatric Neurology, and Pediatric Otolaryngology.

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