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Pediatric Female Clinic

The department of Pediatric Female Clinic at Seoul National University Hospital has been caring for patients since 2012. Despite the importance of sexual development and function during adolescent period, there is an obstacle to receive gynecologic treatment. If adolescent patients are not properly treated at right time, sequelae can remain in adulthood. 

Furthermore, courses of gynecologic disease among pediatric patients are different from that of adults. Our services range from routine exams to complex surgery for females from birth to age 18.

Some patients who come to Seoul National University Hospital have relatively common conditions, such as irregular menstrual cycles, while others have extremely rare abnormalities of reproductive organs. Our experts can help identify your daughter's problem, treat pain and discomfort and provide any needed counseling or guidance. Ensuring or preserving a healthy future for your daughter is our top priority.

Our expertise in Pediatric Female
We understand that successful treatment of the gynecological issues of infants, girls and young women requires collaboration between many different areas of medicine. Pediatric Female Clinic at Seoul National University Hospital collaborates with experts from the department of general surgery, urology, endocrinology, hematology-oncology and etc.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality medical care and take a comprehensive approach to service. Our Division provides unique and specialized services:
  • We treat patients with intersex disorders, such as ambiguous genitalia, in the Center for Congenital Anomalies of the Reproductive Tract.

  • We care for patient having trouble with sexual and systemic development or chromosomal/genetic abnormality. 

  • In our outpatient clinic, we evaluate and manage abnormal Pap tests and vaccinate HPV.

  • We provides a wealth of easy-to-access information for teen girls dealing with issues such as polycystic ovary syndrome, sexually transmitted diseases and basic questions about menstruation.

  • Our team is credited with the development of new techniques for preservation of ovarian tissue in cases of large ovarian masses.

  • Our team counsels fertility preservation for young cancer patients. After counselling, the best fertility preservation option will be chosen and proper management will be provided. 

Our Pediatric Female Clinic Team

Our staff includes three faculties who frequently collaborate with other services at the hospital, including:

  • Department of General Surgery Program

  • Department of Urology

  • Department of endocrinology and metabolism

  • Department of Hematology-Oncology

Outpatient clinic opens on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, and Friday afternoon. Our department aims at alleviating gynecological problems in young patients and continues its treatment beyond adolescence.

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