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Pediatric Emergency Medicine


The Pediatric Emergency Center of Seoul National University Hospital is a pediatric emergency medical center where you can receive professional pediatric emergency care around the clock.


In addition to the treatment of emergency diseases and injuries, which are common in the local community, professional/systematic treatment of domestic pediatric emergency patients is being performed, including treatment of acute deterioration of chronic pediatric patients who are continuously receiving treatment at Seoul National University Children's Hospital.


01. Operation of Korea's First Pediatric Emergency Room

Seoul National University Hospital has been operating a pediatric emergency room for independent treatment of children since 1985 for the first time in Korea.

In 2004, when the Seoul area emergency medical center was opened at Seoul National University Hospital, the pediatric emergency room was integrated and operated within the Seoul area emergency medical center. 


Since the Pediatric Emergency Center was designated as a specialized emergency room for pediatrics and opened in 2013, the pediatric emergency room has moved to the existing children's hospital and has become independent.

02. Dedicated Space for Pediatric Patients.

Seoul National University Hospital Pediatric Emergency Center is a dedicated space for emergency patients for children and adolescents, where it is possible to provide separate treatment from adult patients. We are equipped with a dedicated hospital bed, diagnosis room, treatment room, resuscitation room, isolation room, and waiting room for children and adolescents.

03. Around the Clock and Rapid Pediatric Emergency Care  

This Pediatric Emergency Center provides around the clock treatment with specialists of the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics. Because of this, the initial emergency treatment, surgery, hospitalization, and ultimate therapy by the relevant specialist are available, and it is possible to rapidly diagnose and stabilize the condition of children and adolescent patients who visit the pediatric emergency center.

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